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Illinois VA facility receives low marks after inspection by VAOIG

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

The VA Office of the Inspector General released a report earlier this week regarding its inspection of a VA medical facility in Marion, Illinois.

The inspection, conducted in August, comes after the VA implemented a moratorium on surgeries at the VA hospital after nine deaths during a six month time frame were linked to substandard care. Since that time, an additional 10 patients were identified by the VAOIG as receiving questionable care and dying.

Problems at the Marion VA identified in Monday’s VAOIG report include:

  • Lack of infection control
  • Poor tracking and investigation of deaths
  • Insufficient monitoring of privileges for physicians

The facility is part of a VA district in Southern Illinois, Southern Indiana and Western Kentucky that serves approximately 127,000 veterans.

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Veterans Benefits Administration audit problematic

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

The VA’s Office of the Inspector General (VAOIG) released a report yesterday on an audit conducted on the “Control of Veterans’ Claims Folders” from March to August of 2009.

During the audit, the VAOIG reviewed policies that are implemented to locate and track veterans disability claims folders. Using the VA’s COVERS database, inspectors attempted to determine the accuracy of the current tracking system, but found that 437,000 claims folders were misplaced or lost.

In several instances, lost folders caused processing delays of up to 270 days. As the VAOIG’s report indicates, lost and misplaced VA disability claims folders delay the processing of benefits that our nation’s veterans have earned and are entitled to receive.

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