Homeless Veterans Find Temporary Housing at Tampa’s Veterans Housing Complex

Every soldier deployed looks forward to the day when they can come home; however, for many, that homecoming is short-lived and many U.S. veterans find themselves and their families facing homelessness. A recent article on Tampa Bay Online highlighted a new program in the Tampa area helping veterans find transitional housing to transition back into civilian life.

The Veterans Housing Complex (VHC) program is hoping to help the local area with the surge of veterans that will return stateside within the next 3-4 months. As of right now, veterans can find temporary housing at the Vista Inn and Suites, which is located on Bearss Avenue.

It is important to know that the VHC program is not only available to Iraq and Afghanistan veterans either. Every war veteran is welcome in the VHC program as there are still many Vietnam veterans and others attempting to get on their feet. This program is known to provide “adequate, safe inexpensive housing.”

The VHC program is for veterans who are neither seeking nor receiving government assistance. In conjunction with non-profit organizations, the VHC also offers limited medical assistance, which will expand once a permanent home base is established.

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